The Games Explained

No Australia Day Games is ever the same, but there are a couple of the games that are essential 

Shark Toss

Inspired by the annual Tuna Toss held in Port Lincoln, South Australia every January

Gameplay: Each team’s 2 players gets 2 throws each of the inflatable shark, the longest throw wins. Distance is measured from crease to the first part of the shark to hit the ground. 

Thong Throw

Often confusing to the Americans and English teams,  the Thong Throw has only been won by a non-Australian once in 11 years.

Gameplay: Each team’s 2 players get 2 throws each of a pair of thongs, the longest throw wins. Distance is measured from crease to where the thong first lands.

Shrimp on the Barbie

While no Australian has ever cooked a shrimp on the Barbie, Paul Hogan’s greatest joke was to convince the world we do (and drink Fosters).

Gameplay: Each team’s 2 players throw the shrimp (and a local delicacy - frogs in France, Crows in SA) a few meters back from the BBQ. Scoring is 3 points for landing on the BBQ, 1 point it’s caught in the BBQ lid by a team mate. Most points win. 


To ensure we are the best in the world for atleast one sport, Australians invested their own game, taking the rules of Irish Gaelic Football and using a rugby ball made out of kangaroo skin. The Footy Kick event has never been won by a team of non-Australians.

Gameplay: Teams of two kick to each other,  if one drops the ball they are out, most kicks between a team wins. Each successful kick (and mark) both players must step back 1m.

Not enough?

Are you a Australian sports addict? You can join in the fun LIVE every future A-Day Games if we ever remember to live stream it.

Australia Day Games


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