The Games Explained

There have been a lot of games that we've tried and tested in past ADay Games, here are a few of them

THe Other Games 

Game: Walkon

Introducing your team in the Walkon event sets the benchmark for the day. As it’s the only double points event, nearly every team that has won the Walkon makes it to the GF.
Gameplay: Each team introduces themselves, no more than a couple of minutes. Each team then votes (can’t vote for themselves) for the most entertaining intro. 

Game: 2UP

An Aussie tradition that’s a nod to some our greatest Australians who made the ultimate sacrifice far from home, so that we can live in freedom (& also legally play 2UP once a year anywhere we want).
Gameplay: google it.

Game: SlapCup

Thanks to our Allies in the US for introducing us to this epic game that’s now the highlight event of the games.
Gameplay: google it. 

Game:  Kangaroo Shoot

Game: Flamin’ Galah

Game:  Beer Pong

Game:  Hard as Nails / Hammer Schlagen

Game:  Boomerang Throw

Game: Beerpong

Game: Coronavirus Test

Game: Croc Luge

Game: Tiki Toss

Game:  Corn Hole

Game:  Sausage Sizzle

Game: AO Quarantine Tennis

Game:  Bowling @ the Cans

Not enough?

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